We want to welcome you to join our team, for a shorter or a longer period of time. You are needed in the shelter to socialize the dogs, cuddle, activate and teach them to walk in a leash. Many of them are scared and need to learn to trust humans to be able to get adopted. You can come visit the shelter for a week or stay for months if you want to. It’s like with donations, big or small – they all make a difference. Almost all of our dogs are former stray dogs who have never been indoors and need to learn to feel comfortable around people. Socialisation is especially important for shy animals and those who have been abused. We strongly encourage volunteers to spend a week or longer at our shelter. When volunteers stay for at least a week, they build close relationships with the animals and can see them become more bonded to people.


Daily routine of shelter

8.30 am – Breakfast is served to the dogs. Medicine to those dogs that need it is given by the veterinarian

9 am – 12 pm – Cleaning. Picking up faeces, cleaning water and food bowls, washing the concrete floors etc. Leash training. It´s important that the dogs learn how to walk well with a leash. The shelter staff will tell you which dog is in need of training.

Cleaning the sections:

Pick up all the feces first. Then sweep the floor and remove all the loose furs and throw away. Collect all the sand and put back in the sand section. Clean the gutters from all sand and substances so water can flow freely.

Wash the concrete floor with water and hard brush. Spray lastly with disinfecting solutions.

12 pm – Lunch break

1 pm – Grooming the dogs. You follow the schedule telling which dogs turn it is to get showered, getting its claws trimmed, ears cleaned and other actions needed to keep the dogs clean and healthy. Every day at least five dogs needs to get groomed.

2.30 – Feeding time for the dogs. Preparing the food, feed the dogs in the shelter. At the same time, check and pick up feces in the different sections. Medication to the dogs that need it.

3 pm – The dogs in the streets get fed. You decide if you want to go with the staff to help out with the feeding or if you want to stay at the shelter caring for the dogs there.

5.30 pm – the staff start puting down the annings and do last check that all areas are clean for the dogs to sleep.

6.00 pm – Workday is finished. It might sound like it’s a really busy schedule but we promise you that there will be a lot of time for just cuddling and hanging around with the dogs as well.


Guideline for making food

Food for 200 adult dogs in the shelter per meal:

30kg smartheart mixed with 7 cans of wet food and IMMUN powder (5-6 Spoon each) and cold water. Mix well while pouring the water so that it does not built clums.

Food for 10-12 sick dogs in the shelter per meal:

5kg allergic food mixed with IMMUN powder (2-3 spoon) and cold water. Mix well while pouring the water so that it does not built clums.

Food for dogs outside on the street: around 300 dogs per meal:

60kg dry food mixed with rice and cold water and also take 8-10 cans of wet food with you.  The feeding tour to Laemson has to be prepared seperately with the same amount of food. We go there whenever there is enough donations

Shelter dogs get 2 meals a day, dogs in the streets are fed one time a day.

Food for 15 puppies

3 bowls of smartheart puppy food mixed with 1 and ½ bag of goat milk (will be 1 ½ L with water). Let soak in milk and put half canned food and the supplements IMMUN and blood powder (1 spoon each) 30 ml fish oil


If you want to volunteer and take part of our daily routine, we can offer you housing at the shelter for 400 THB per day / per person. The house has basic standard with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms with bunk beds and air condition. You bring your own towels and bed sheets and are responsible for maintaining a clean house. You have access to the washing machine at the shelter to do laundry. The fee is paid pre arrival to our PayPal account (help@dogrescuethailand.com) and we charge you for electricity when your stay is over.


  • Our shelter is located between Klaeng and Laem Mae Phim in Rayong Province. About 2,5 hour from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. From the airport it is easiest to take a taxi for 2500 THB. We can also guide you on how to get to us by bus.
  • Talk to your doctor about vaccinations when you are planning your trip. Even if all our dogs are healthy we recommend you to take rabies vaccine, that you need to do three times before you travel. So contact you doctor early.
  • Don’t bring you fancy clothes. Being at the shelter means that you will be dirty as soon as you enter it.
  • If you are staying at the volunteer house at the shelter you have to bring bed sheets and towels.
  • We recommend you to rent a motor bike, car or bicycle. Let us know in beforehand if you want to rent a vehicle. If you want to rent a car or a motor bike you need to get a international drivers license.
  • You are not covered by our insurance while working as a volunteer. This means that if something would happened to you we are not to be held responsible or obliged to pay any cost that might accrue. It is up to you to make sure that you are insured during your stay with us.
  • The area where the shelter is located is quiet and mostly thai people living there. There are some very affordable restaurants close to the shelter and if you want to have a larger range of restaurants you can easily go by motorbike or car to Laem Mae Phim or Klaeng.
  • The beach is a 10 minutes drive from the shelter.
  • On arrival you will sign a contract that you will follow the house rules and they daily routine at the shelter.

We are hoping that you will find it interesting to volunteer at our shelter. We can promise you that you will leave with memories that will last a life time.
Please contact volunteer@dogrescuethailand.com for more info and booking of your stay at the shelter.

Our contacts

We are hoping that you will find it interesting to volunteer at our shelter. We can promise you that you will leave with memories that will last a life time.
Please fill out the form for your request.

Address: 82/1-2 Moo 5, Chakadone, Klaeng, Rayong 21110, Thailand

Email: volunteer@dogrescuethailand.com

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