Many of the dogs in Laem Mae Phim, as in all over Thailand and other parts of the world, are not only risking to get hit by cars or get ill because of parasites, scabies or starvation. They also live with the risk of being hurt by people that don’t like having them around in their neighbourhood. It happens that dogs get poisoned, beaten, run over or taken to be sold in the illegal dog meat trade.

In 2007 Theresa Chi founded Dog Rescue Thailand to end the suffering of the dogs in Laem Mae Phim / Rayong. In May 2013 the DRT shelter was build to take in the dogs that could not longer stay in the streets. In 2022 we have about 250 dogs in the shelter and take care of 300 more dogs outside in the streets. We are doing our best to find them new homes. The dogs in the shelter are separated in different areas, put together to match each other’s personalities.

COVID-19 crisis followed by the global financial crisis and inflation, hit the shelter hard. We are facing a financial wall. We have less donation than ever and at the same time, more dogs than ever that need our urgent help. We need your financial support to help them. Please become a monthly donor! Any amount is welcome! There is no “too small” for kindness!  


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