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About Me

Say hello to Vittas! We found him with his brother Negro left abandoned at Maephim beach without a mother so of course, we had to bring them in! 

Vittas has the most adorable floppy ears and he is such an energetic dog, full of life and full of energy! To strangers, he will be timid but once you show patience and allow him to open up to you, you will see his true silly nature! He fits so well with the other dogs and usually is the one finding things in our shelter to play with! Sometimes it may be sticks or leaves or even gloves that he steals from the staff. 

Vittas would be perfect in an active household! He is extremely energetic and will need lots of space to run around in! He fits very well with other dogs and loves to play with kids too! 

Want to Adopt me?

Do you have questions about how to get Vittas all the way to his new cozy bed? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: