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DRT is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to give the stray dogs in our area (Laem Mae Phim, Laemson and Chakadone), a better life and to diminish the number of suffering stray dogs.


Every day the stray dogs living in the streets of our area get fed and looked after. This is the best way to gain the dog’s trust and socialize them in order to treat them if they are sick and to neuter them. By keeping the dogs fed and healthy we also keep them calm and avoid they will be a threat to humans. Only a dog that is starving, scared or hurt will attack a human so this is a good way to let us coexist.


In the shelter, we treat dogs for injuries and diseases, both long term and short term treatments. The number of neglected and abandoned dogs outside keep increasing, also puppies left without mothers that we must bring to shelter if they are to survive. Some of the dogs that got treatment in the shelter can go back to the streets but not all. That is why we have many dogs now in the shelter. We need adopters and sponsors for these dogs.


The most effective way to reduce the stray dog population is through neutering males and spaying females. We arrange campaigns offering locals to get their animals fixed for a reduced price, and we also use the TNR method (Trap Neuter Return) to prevent the population of stray dogs from increasing. This means that we trap the dogs using a stun gun, neuter and vaccinate them, and return them to their area where they feel safe.


Every dog ​​deserves a loving home! We have around 250 dogs at our shelter that either yearn for a family to adopt them or who need a sponsor to pay for their stay at the shelter. Just scroll down and click ADOPT A DOG or SPONSOR A DOG. We are in the process of updating these lists, please bear with us. If you already have a wish in mind, about how your ideal dog should be, just contact us and we will come back to you with a suggestion.


DRT is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to give the stray
dogs in our area (Laem Mae Phim, Laemson, Chakadone),  a better life and to diminish the number of suffering stray dogs.

No one knows exactly how many neglected and abandoned dogs there are in Thailand. But there are millions. Through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), vaccinations and adoption, we will do everything we can to reduce the number of suffering dogs in our area in Rayong. Our main goal is by wide membership and idealistic work with volunteers to create an economic and stable foundation. Every contribution will make a difference and will be presented on the webpage under financial accounting. We will likewise present all the expenses.
First, we want to reduce the dog’s suffering, but also run campaigns for sterilization to reduce the number of stray dogs. Today we can find newborn puppies in almost every corner. Many puppies die due to accidents, lack of nourishment, water and shelter. Simultaneously as we sterilize we will perform vaccinations against rabies. Main reason for the growth of stray dogs is that people keep dumping their pets when they are unwanted. That is why giving education is very important. We invite schools, institutes and companies to visit our shelter. We help them to learn more about the co-existing with stray dogs and what they can do, to help to diminish the number of stray dogs.


By spaying and neutering the dogs, we slowly reduce the stray dog population. We also help people with limited funds, who want their dogs & cats neutered.


We make sure that the stray dogs get the treatment they need. Our veterinarian comes to Mae Phim on call and treats the dogs for skin diseases, wounds or other problems and vaccinates against rabies.


Imagine you had to roam the streets every day looking desperately for a few crumbs of food. How would you feel? That would be a miserable, sad and dangerous life. Therefore, we go out every single day of the year, to feed the stray dogs in the area. This is how we ensure that the dogs receive one healthy meal a day. By interacting with our staff, they are friendly, and we can gain their trust to capture them for treatments and neutering.


Every dog, as every human, deserves a loving home. Our goal is to find a home for the dogs we care for, in Thailand or abroad. If you can’t adopt, please be so kind and sponsor monthly.


Dog Rescue Thailand is a non-profit organisation which means that everyone, except our veterinarian and shelter staff, is doing volunteer work. Every donation is benefiting the dogs, without any disappearance on the way. We are always in need of volunteers! It is hard work, but we love it.



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