July 2, 2022July 15, 2022

A car for the shelter

A car for the shelter

$ 11600

Campaign Target


$ 10895 to go

The shelter is in desperate need of an appropriate vehicle. We wish to buy a (used) pick-up truck. Buying a vehicle in Thailand is unfortunately very expensive and a big challenge for a small organization like DRT. We need the pick-up truck to transport injured animals to the outside clinics and when we catch dog for spay or neuter. The car is needed to drive longer distances and/or when we have to transport several animals at once. Likewise for purchases of larger quantities or larger items. Because we have no car of our own, we are currently dependent on paid deliveries or rental cars. With our own vehicle, we could, for example, also pick up food donations ourselves. We currently only have an old Saläng (scooter with sidecar), which we also use for the daily feeding tour. Please participate in this fundraiser and help us purchase a car.