Volunteer info

Volunteering for Dog Rescue Thailand


About DRT:

DRT is a small organisation run by Swedish and German women. We live in Europe but travel to Thailand as often as we can. Soila lives in Thailand during the winter months. 
 We have thai staff working at the shelter and feeding the dogs in the streets. We also have an English speaking veterinarian. Some people living in the area that sometimes volunteer. Every day our staff leave the shelter at 3pm to feed the dogs living in the streets.


To volunteer:

Hence that we run the shelter are not always there, you will have to be independent in your work and corporate with our thai staff. We will always make sure that you have a contact number to our veterinarian or someone else if you have any questions. We will also support you on Facebook or Skype. As a volunteer you are at the shelter as much as you want and if you like to go with the staff to feed the dogs in the streets you are welcome. At the shelter the dogs love visitors! You help with putting flea powder and brushing the dogs, cutting claws, cleaning ears and most importantly, hang out with the dogs. Some of them need more attention than others, they might be scared and need to practice in trusting humans. All of them need leech training and some are able to take for walks. When coming to the shelter the dogs will bark and jump because they are so happy to get visitors. Please follow these instructions when you enter the shelter:

Stay calm and stand up tall.
None of the dogs are dangerous. They just love visitors, which can make them jump up to say hello.
Do not raise your arms above your head if they jump, that can trigger them even more. Instead, hold your arms down and push them away from you.
When you go inside, don’t stop at the door. Instead, walk further in.
Don’t talk to the dogs in a high voice. The dogs feel your energy and if you are calm they will be so as well.
See to it to keep the dogs as it is in the different sections. They might fight if they get mixed. Make sure to close the doors properly and that no dogs follow you to other sections of the shelter.
If you have treats or other gifts with you, leave them outside the shelter at first and let the dogs get to know you first.


About Mae Phim:

Mae Phim is a small village with very little nightlife. Most of the bars close at 11 pm during low season, some are even closed. During high season (October-March) there are a lot of Scandinavians in Mae Phim and you’ll have more activities to choose from. But Mae Phim will always be a quiet village with a mostly sea food restaurant at the beautiful beach. 
 About 30 minutes away you’ll find Ban Phe (where you can take the ferry to Koh Samet) and 1 h from Mae Phim is Rayong City which have a larger number of shops, restaurants and services to choose from.

Practical stuff:

  • Laem Mae Phim is located just by the ocean in Rayong Province. About 2,5 hour from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. From the airport it is easiest to take a taxi for 2500 THB. We can also help you to pre order a taxi.
  • As we are a very small organization we don’t have the economy to offer free accommodation or food. But we can give you advice on where to find good places to stay for a reasonable price. If you come during low season it is cheaper and also easier to find house or apartment to rent.
  • Talk to your doctor about vaccinations when you are planning your trip. Even if all our dogs are healthy we recommend you to take rabies vaccine, that you need to do three times before you travel. So contact you doctor early.
  • Don’t bring you fancy clothes. Being at the shelter means that you will be dirty as soon as you enter it.
  • Mae Phim is a small village, but to get around we recommend you to rent a motor bike, car or bicycle. If you want to rent a car you need to get a national drivers license.We hope that you will find volunteering at Dog Rescue Thailand interesting and we can promise you that you will have a really memorable time.

    Best Regards,
    Theresa and Team of Dog Rescue Thailand