Dog Rescue Thailand is a non profit organization which means that we rely only on donations to keep our work going. Without your donation stomachs will remain empty and painful wounds and diseases are left untreated. Please support the dogs! You can donate small or big. There is no “too small” for kindness!

Adopt don`t shop! A stray dog is at least as beautiful and loving as a breeder’s dog. Give a stray dog a home and you save his life. You make him and yourself a wonderful gift and the world a better place

We love volunteers! We want to welcome you to join our team, for a shorter or a longer period of time. You are needed in the shelter to socialize the dogs, cuddle, activate and teach them to walk in a leash. Many of them are scared and need to learn to trust humans to be able to get adopted. You can come visit the shelter for a week or stay for months if you want to. It’s like with donations, big or small – they all make a difference.

We have so many dogs in the shelter who don’t have a chance of a home of their own due to their age or an illness. Or dogs who are genuinely nice and lovable, but have been overlooked by potential adoptions over the years, because there are just too many of them at the shelter. All these dogs will have a good place at the shelter, but we need people who become their sponsor. This is how YOU become dog parents and enable them to have a great life here at the shelter. The list in progress. If you have ideas of which type of dog you would like to sponsor, just let us know.

Follow us on our social media channels, like and comment on the posts. This helps us spread the message for the stray dogs. Thank you very much!