About us

Our Mission

Dog Rescue Thailand is a non profit organization which main purpose is to give the stray dogs in Mae Phim / Rayong a better life and to diminish the number of suffering stray dogs.

What we do:
• Castration and Sterilization – By neutering the dogs, we slowly reduce the stray dog population in Mae Phim. We also help out if there are Thai families, that want their dogs or cats to get neutered.
• Medical care – We make sure that as many dogs get the treatment they need. Our vetenarian treats the dogs with skin diseases, vaccinates against rabies and scabies, takes care of wounds and operates when necessary etc.
• Feeding – A starving dog can be an aggressive dog. By feeding the dogs every day, we keep them calm. Critics might think that it will attract more dogs to the area. Yes, it might. But by feeding them, they won’t be hungry and therefore they won’t be a threat to locals or tourists. The same way we are earning their trust and can catch them for neutering and treatment.
• Adoption – Every dog, as every human, deserves a loving home. Our goal is to find a home for the dogs we care for, in Thailand or abroad. If you can’t adopt, please be so kind and sponsor monthly. For more info go to our website.

Support the dogs:
We are a small organisation and we depend on donations to keep our work going. We have no support from the authorities and therefore we put our trust in caring individuals and companies that support us.

Following you find some examples of our expenses:

– Dog food
– Medication and Vaccines
– Sterilization/Neutering
– Severe cases need hospital stays and surgeries that cannot be performed in the shelter
– Shelter costs (rent, electricity, water, maintenance)
– Shelter Staff and Veterinarian
– Transportation and Gasoline

Every contribution will make a difference and on our website you’ll find information about every amount and likewise all the expenses. Dog Rescue Thailand is a foundation where all the means provided for the dogs are presented without any disappearance on the way.

About the situation for stray animals

We often get comments from people (mostly western people visiting or living in Thailand), that it would be better to put the stray dogs to sleep because there are to many of them and a lot of them are suffering. There are also people killing dogs and cats by poisoning or putting pieces of glass in food, that they leave out for the animals to eat. We know that poisoning is a method that the authorities use to get rid of the stray animals. Dying by poison or by glass tearing you apart from the inside is, as you all can understand, a terrible and painful way to die.

In the Thai culture you don’t put living animals to sleep because of that Buddhism, that says that you should respect the living and that we all will go on living through reincarnation. This can mean that people sometimes see street dogs as a person who had bad karma and because of that the animal don’t get the respect it deservers.

Dog Rescue Thailand’s, as other animal rescue organizations goal is, to reduce the population of stray animals in a humane way. We do that by neutering as many dogs and cats as we can. Sometimes we use the TNR-method (trap neuter return) which means that we neuter and vaccinate the animal and return it to where it was found and what it sees as its home. We also feed the stray dogs to be able to easier catch them and neuter them and also keep track of the number of stray dogs in the area. Some dogs and cats are terrified of humans and because of that, it can take months to get close to them, but we do our best.

Dogs and cats are a part of Thailand. And by feeding, treating and neutering them, we keep them healthy and calm. Using these methods is the best way to make dogs, cats and humans coexist in an environment that both them and we, like to call our home. There are so many creators around the world getting tortured, mistreated and killed so let us try to open our hearts to the ones around us. Every creator deserves respect and love.